Tomato Pie lovers rejoice! Tomato Pie Day is back for 2018 and you can be a part of the celebration coming up in April.

Saturday, April 7th is Tomato Pie Day. And in honor of this Utica original, you can celebrate by tasting some of the best tomato pie in the Utica and Central New York area. But that's not all you'll enjoy at this fantastic event...

According to the "Annual Tomato Pie Day" Facebook Event, you'll also get to learn about how tomato pie is made, and hear stories of how people have carried down the recipes, generation to generation. And of course you'll get to taste a variety of tomato pies from places throughout the area, and vote on your favorite.

Whether you have your favorite place to go for tomato pie, or you haven't tried enough of it to pick a favorite yet, this is a great opportunity to try different recipes of tomato pie. And who knows?! By the end of the event, you may have a new favorite place for this delicious Utica treat.

The "Annual Tomato Pie Day" Facebook Event also posted the different places that are expected to be there (so far) with tomato pie for you to try... And vote on:

Tomato Pie Makers Competing include:

• Roma’s Sausage & Deli
• Napoli’s Italian Bakery
• Tony’s of Washington Mills
• Utica Bread
• Charlie’s Pizza
• Oliveri’s Pizza
• Guiseppe’s Bakery

And more are sure to be added. Again, Tomato Pie Day is Saturday, April 7th and goes from 12pm to 4pm at the Parkway Center in Utica. Tickets are available now (and you can get a discount for purchasing them early). They're only $3 a person! That's pretty good for all the treats you'll be able to try, and for four hours of fun. You can get your tickets at:




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