The Utica Zoo is a perfect place for families, a perfect place for a date, or the perfect location to leave the hustle and bustle of your everyday life behind.

Enjoy a light dinner from Polly's by O'Connors, crack an ice-cold adult beverage, drift away on the waves of live music, and see our more than 200 exotic and domestic animals during a new time. Friday nights are about to get a lot more fun thanks to the Utica Zoo.

Beginning July 10th through August 28th, you'll now be able to enjoy everything that the zoo has to offer until 8 pm during their 'Sunset Sips!' They will also have beer and wine available for purchase to those over the age of 21 - hence the 'Sunset Sips' name. The concession stand will also be open for dinner or snacks with quite the large selection.

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The best part is that the 'Sunset Sips' are family friendly, so you can bring the kids along with you to enjoy the zoo in a different light. The animals will be on exhibit throughout the evening with walkabouts featuring the Education Ambassador animals too!

The 'Welcome' Sign Outside the Utica Zoo

Keep in mind, the zoo is still observing social distancing measures. Masks are required at all times, other than while seated in the Rotary Pavilion.

No special tickets or reservations are required to take part in the zoo's 'Sunset Sips' so gather all of your loved ones and head there for some great local fun.

Admission Rates:

$8 for adults aged 13 to 61
$5 for kids aged 3 to 12
$6.75 for seniors 62+ and students with valid photo identification.

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