If you're looking for some of the best pizza in all of the United States, look no further than O'Scugnizzo's of Utica New York.

Food and Wine recently released a list of "The Best Pizza In Every State" for the United States. When it came to New York, which landed number 3 on the list, O'Scugnizzo's made the cut:

How about Utica-style pizza, a staple in New York's Mohawk Valley for longer than many of New York City's famous pizzerias? Sure, it may not be all to your stylistic taste, but every single one of these long-held regional traditions is spectacular, in its own way.

Utica has kept O'Scugnizzo's around since 1914, with expats calling in for shipments of their tomato-forward pizzas with cornmeal-dusted crusts."

You can read the full list and ranking here.

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O'Scugnizzo's Pizza in Utica is Second Oldest Pizzeria in America


New research has identified the 21 oldest pizzerias in America and Utica landed one in the Number 2 position. O'Scugnizzo Pizzeria was founded in 1914 by Eugeno Burlino. His upside down pizza has been a long time Utica favorite. You can even send an O'Scugnizzo pie to your out-of-town friends at their website.

O'Scugnizzo is truly an old school Italian staple on Bleecker Street. You can take a look at the full list of the oldest pizza joints in the country at Thrillist. There are a lot of New York State pizzerias on the list.

How to Make Utica Style Upside Down Pizza in 5 Easy Steps

The sauce-on-top pie isn't difficult to replicate at home. Here's how to do it in 5 easy steps thanks to Eric Meier:

1 - Press Out Dough in Pan. I like to use a rectangular one rather than round.

2 - Layer on sliced mozzarella cheese.

3 - Top with sauce.

4 - Bake. I do 425 until crust is brown an top is glistening.

5 - Sprinkle with grated cheese and enjoy.


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