Dog may be man's best friend, but for one woman, he serves as master principal photographer.

Vanessa Carlton, whose "A Thousand Miles" falls among PopCrush's list of best modern piano tracks, enlisted her pooch, Lord Victor, to shoot a portion of her new "Blue Pool" video with a GoPro camera strapped to his head. Yup, if you thought fetching an errant stick made for a neat trick, wait until you see what a certain canine can do with multiple megapixel capabilities.

"Victor has been on tour with me and in every studio and to every show since 2005," Carlton said, according to a statement. "This is a clip of things from his perspective. For once!"

In the finished project, which is featured above, Carlton and Lord Victor tour small town streets, race around picturesque hillsides and enjoy the comforts of home. And the frantic cycling through home videos is matched by the quick plucks of the song's acoustic guitar, which has the pleasant quality of a folk tune you'd hear over stouts at an Irish pub.

"And time, she's always kept you on her good side / Some people they still fight their fate," Carlton croons through the song, which addresses how things have changed since she moved from New York City to Nashville, got married and had a baby girl.

Check out the full "Blue Pool" video, tell us what you think and be sure to get your copy of Carlton's newest EP on iTunes! Plus, hang tight for her full-length album, Liberman, which is due out in October.

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