Just in time for Halloween, Reese's has created the ultimate dream. A “Candy Exchange Vending Machine”—where you simply toss candy you dislike in the slot and out pops Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

According to a recent survey commissioned by the candy company and shared with Us Weekly, “90 percent of Americans say that they have traded or wish they could have traded their unwanted candy on Halloween.” The survey of more than 1,200 adults across the country found that “four out of five Americans either have traded or would like to trade candy they didn’t like for a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.”

This is the start to a revolution!!! You can say goodbye to unwanted Halloween candy, like Candy Corn, forever! A dream come true.

The machine will be out in New York City for five hours on Halloween night. But, only 10,000 cups will given out - so those who are taking advantage will be required to act fast!

If this was available in Central New York, would you swap candy? If you could pick a different candy to swap instead of Peanut Butter Cups, what would you choose?

I. Can't. Stop. Thinking. About. Candy.

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