A staple of the summer (to me anyway) is when you start seeing Chicken BBQ's being held more frequently. Whether it's by a fire department, American Legion, churches or schools, there's basically one every weekend during the summer months.

How does a free meal from a local Chicken BBQ sound to you? It's all thanks to Vernon Downs and the Vernon Center Fire Department.

The two have teamed up to host the event on June 27th starting at 3 pm. If you want to get your hands on a meal, you'll need to head over there as soon as possible on the 27th - only 450-500 dinners will be made, first come first served, drive-thru only.

This would be a good opportunity though to say thanks to the local fire department by giving a donation. They will be accepting them during the event.

Dinners purchased will include Vernon Center's famous half Chicken BBQ, baked beans, baked potato and a roll. Honestly, I'm hungry just thinking about it. And the fact that it's free? Even better.

What's the likelihood of them selling out? Very likely. The Vernon Center Fire Department hosts a Chicken BBQ generally in May, but because of coronavirus, were not able to host this year.

In the event that they DO sell out, and you wanted to get your BBQ fix - there are a few spots in the Utica area you can go to.

  • Boneyard BBQ - 244 Roosevelt Dr. Utica 
  • Piggy Pat's - 3955 Edgebrook Pl. ​Washington Mills
  • Full Throttle BBQ - 821 Oriskany Blvd, Yorkville

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