Would you bring a baby to the movies?   Victoria Beckham took in a movie over the Labor Day  weekend with her kids.   Not only did she bring her three sons, she also brought her baby daughter too. 

The reason why this is getting attention is because Victoria's daughter Harper is only seven weeks old.  Th nanny was with them too.  Why not leave the baby home with the nanny?  According to RadarOnline.com, there aren't any rules banning babies from movies, as long as they're not being disruptive during the movie.  What do you think of bringing a baby to the movies?  Ever been at a movie where someone has brought a baby?  I have and it was very distracting.  The baby looked like it was about a month old and cried the whole time.  Movies are loud and that can't be good for little ears.  Better to leave the baby at home with a sitter or skip the movie and catch in on DVD later.

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