Sure there are plenty of pictures to be found of Victoria Beckham.  However, those from the past few years rarely seem to capture Beckham smiling.  What's the story behind her serious face? 

Beckham says she doesn't smile anymore for pictures because her smile was stolen by fashion.    What?  Yes, she says years of posing and smiling for the camera has taken away her smile.  She admits she used to smile for photos but tells 'Glamour' that she stopped smiling once she got into fashion and now when she's photographed, "it's an armor that goes up."   Smiling or not, she's self conscious about wearing glasses and hasn't been able to find a pair that she likes.    What's a girl to do?  Why design your own line of glasses, that's what.  The six designs by Beckham will be available this fall for about four hundred dollars each.  Perhaps that will have her smiling all the way to the bank.

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