We were loaded this week with wacky ideas for booze consumption, pictures of pets, golf and movie talk combined into one, the challenges our folks face with technology, and the medicinal perks of a cold shower.

To listen to our highlights, click the video above, and/or follow along to this little preview below of The Best Of Beth & Dave for the week of April 9, 2018:

1. A Quiet Place is a hit movie and also the venue for the PGA's first golf major tournament of the year, at the Masters (shhhh) in Augusta, Georgia. Leave it to us to make the connection.

2. The Vodka Luge is a party phenomenon we hadn't heard of until our friends Joe and Julie told us about it. When we discussed it on the air, we heard about some other interesting cocktail concepts.

3. Cold Showers was the answer one day to our Kinda Hard Question. Apparently there are definitive health benefits. You could really just stand out in the rain here in Central New York. Are you in?

4. National Pet Day. One caller said every day should be National Pet Day, even though one day this week was the official day. Other callers told us their pets' cool/unusual names. One story took the cake.

5. Senior Tech Challenges. My folks are severely challenged in mobile phone usage. Beth's mom is learning how to text. V-E-R-Y. S-L-O-W-L-Y.


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