Upstate New York's newest peregrine falcons in downtown Utica have officially taken their first flight. This means they have officially became fledglings. Now is the time to volunteer and watch these birds.

Even though they are fledglings, they still need practice and guidance from Mom and Dad on how to fly and hunt. The Utica Peregrine Falcon Project looks for a group of volunteers at this stage for what is called ‘fledgewatch.’ According to their Facebook page, their are still seeking volunteers:

We need volunteers to watch as the nestlings take their first flight and become fledglings. If you would like to help make sure Kara and Percy stay safe please join us. We meet in the upper parking lot behind Grace church located at the corner of Elizabeth and Genesee Streets in downtown Utica.

Fledgewatch is expected to run at least two weeks. The nesting box for the two adult peregrine falcons, Ares and Astrid, is located on the Adirondack Bank building in downtown. Anyone interested in volunteering can find more information on the Falcon Watch Utica Facebook page.

You can watch what happens at the Utica nest via the UPFP’s streaming internet cameras, 24-hours a day, at Astrid and Ares have used the same man-made nest box since 2014.

First Two Peregrine Falcon Chicks Of The Season Hatch In Utica

WIBX first reported on the 2022 chicks in May.  The Utica Peregrine Falcon Project says the first hatch happened at about 8:16PM on Friday, May 6 and the second took place on Saturday,May 7 at around 3:00AM. The eggs hatched following 33 days on incubation by both Peregrine Falcon parents Astrid and Aries.

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