Christmas and Hallmark movies go together like hot chocolate and little marshmallows. My Dad loves Hallmark Christmas movies and watches them all year long. Yes, they are cliche and schmaltzy, but they are also sweet and, in a way, capture the feeling of the Christmas season.

In the movies, there's always a couple that should be together, but for some reason, they aren't. Their friends all know they should be a couple. Usually, there is some kind of town issue that needs to be solved and somehow it brings this couple together and with the help of a little Christmas magic everything works out and the couple falls in love. One hour and 35 minutes later the credits roll and everyone is happy. Sounds nice, doesn't it?

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Well, how would you like to be part of that Hallmark Christmas movie magic? Here's your chance. A new Hallmark Christmas movie will be filming in areas of New York including Saugerties, Newburgh, Woodstock, Poughkeepsie, Tivoli, Glasco, and other areas.

HBG Casting is currently casting for this unnamed Hallmark Christmas movie that is begin described as an "untitled, fun, family Christmas movie for Hallmark." Currently, filming is scheduled from August 23rd through October. They are looking for local talent for a few roles like high school students, teachers, and neighbors. They also need background extras as well.

To apply go to HGB Casting and sign up with a headshot/photo and a cover letter. SAG-AFTRA members rate is $182/8hrs +OT and non-union performers will be paid  $15/hr + OT after 8hrs. If chosen for a role you'll be required to have a mandatory Covid test.

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