While you might be able to walk outside with fewer layers on, enjoy it while it lasts. The weather might get a bit dicey later this week.

We are not rookies to constant change to the weather, it is one of Central New York's calling cards practically. It still feels like a bummer when we get days that will be sitting in the mid-50s like the next few days, to get powder dumped on us just days later. That very well could be happening for the Utica area.

How The Week Should Pan Out

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Monday is looking to be the clearest day in the next week, with bright sunny skies and gorgeous temperatures. Tuesday and Wednesday look to be a washout as we have a high potential for rain on both days. We can deal with that being that there is a high of near 55 degrees on both days. We see winter rear its ugly head and get a much more seasonal 30-degree day for Thursday, and then Friday.

Let's Discuss Friday

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This is where the week really could take a turn. Right now, while not a blizzard, Weather.com is reporting we could see a storm roll into the Utica area bringing anywhere from 3 to 5 inches of snow. At the moment, they say the chance for snow is 100 percent. Obviously, that could change as we are still quite a few days out.

Don't Be Fooled

Nuthawut Somsuk
Nuthawut Somsuk

Remember, it is only February. While these 55 degree days sure will feel nice, we know they won't last.

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