We're not the only ones enjoying the warmer temperatures. So are the ticks. 

All it takes is a few days above freezing, and the ticks are active and looking for a host. With the impending arrival of Spring, you should protect your pets now. Ticks could be worse than ever this year. Make sure your pets are up to date on Lyme vaccines and start now with tick prevention.

The DEC reports on the health risks associated with the warmer temperatures and says it increases survival of disease-carrying insects. This means, Lyme disease, and other diseases could be more prevalent this year.

The NYS Department of Health says the early symptoms of Lyme disease may be mild and easily missed. If you find a tick attached to your skin remove it and watch for the symptoms of Lyme disease. In 60-80% of cases, the first symptom is a rash that occurs at or near the site of the tick bite with the following characteristics:

  • Is a "bulls-eye" circular patch or solid red patch that grows larger.
  • Appears between three days and one month after the tick bite.
  • Has a diameter of two to six inches.
  • Lasts for about three to five weeks.
  • May or may not be warm to the touch.
  • Is usually not painful or itchy.
  • Sometimes leads to multiple rashes.

For more information on severe symptoms of Lyme disease, how it's diagnosed, treated, and how to safely remove a tick visit The New York Department of Heath.




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