Have you ever heard of the beautiful Oneonta Falls? Most would assume they were in New York somewhere near Oneonta, but they're not.

With all the amazing falls we have in New York and the fact that "Oneonta" is in Central New York (although there are other cities named Oneonta across the United States), you would assume Oneonta Falls would be in our state. You won't find this waterfall in New York, though.

Oneonta Falls is actually located on the other side of the country in Oregon. This beautiful waterfall is in the Columbia River Gorge and is an extremely popular swimming hole in the summer months. The falls are also quite marvelous in the winter because it's the rainy season in Oregon, which causes the falls to pump out tons more water. It pretty much turns it into raging waters, compared to a more steady stream during the summer. Not only that, but with the snow and ice covering the sides of the falls, it really is a beautiful, unique sight. The video below gives you a little glimpse of the Oneonta Falls during the spring and summer months (and the trip you have to take to get to the falls):

Although you won't find Oneonta Falls in New York, there are still plenty of other waterfalls around Central New York and across the state to visit. Maybe check out the Rainbow Falls at Watkins Glen State Park, Middle Falls at Letchworth State Park, or the Eternal Flame Falls at Chestnut Ridge Park in Erie County. And if you're really interested in seeing the Oneonta Falls, well you can always book a spring or summer vacation to Oregon.




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