We've all heard of steroid rage, and road rage, but laundry rage? Police allege that a Florida man twice shoved a 75-year-old man to the ground and stomped on him after the Florida senior had the nerve to try and put his clothes in a dryer that the attacker claimed was his. Wow !

According to The Smoking Gun:

Investigators allege that Wood, whose laundry was still in a washing machine, told Dimitrelos that a specific dryer “was his dryer.” The two men then argued, with Dimitrelos asking Wood whether he thought he owned the laundromat. And then the septuagenarian called the 6', 210-pound Wood an “idiot.”

Wood responded by shoving Dimitrelos to the ground. After the elderly victim got to his feet, Wood pushed him down a second time. With Dimitrelos on the laundry floor, Wood grabbed his cell phone and “threw it causing it to shatter into several pieces.” As Wood fled, Dimitrelos went into a neighboring bar to call 911.

See the surveillance tape footage here.

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