This guy really gets around.

In proof that you really don't know what will go viral, this video of a man dancing in what appears to be different locations has become an internet sensation.

Thanks to the magic of editing, he busts a move in a wide array of places, as he's superimposed over a whole slew of unique videos, including outside a swimming pool, a bedroom, a school hallway, Chicago. These are just some of the recognizable (and not recognizable) locales you can see.

The video was intended to show how he learned how to dance, so he could cross an item off his bucket list, but he said, "I did learn some pretty cool moves but I still feel I have not reached the level of dancing that would consider me good at dancing, so I am going to leave this one unchecked for now."

We get the feeling he's his own worst critic because he put on quite nice performance.

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