Utica Coffee Roasters make a delicious cup of coffee - so delicious, that a thief swiped an unattended cup right off a table.

The whole incident was caught on the store's video equipment. In the video, you see a customer place his cup of coffee on an outdoor table while he heads back inside (maybe he wanted a muffin?) In less than a minute, a man strolls by - sees the cup of joe on the table - takes a sip and then takes off with the cup. The customer walks back out - and wonders where his coffee went.

As many customers pointed out - the man took the concept of a drive-thru a step further: the walk-thru.

Comedian Phil Farda says: That dude is like 5 star review: "Utica Coffee has THE fastest service I've ever experienced!! I was headed there to order my coffee and it was ready outside and free!!"

According to Heather Delia, the coffee-stealer is known to them - and Utica Coffee makes an effort to treat him with compassion.

We can assume none of us would take a coffee that didn't belong to us - but would you ever purposely drink a stranger's coffee?

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