On last night's episode of 'X Factor,' viewers were treated to an uber-mini performance of Britney Spears singing... live! For real, Brit surprised L.A. Reid when she sang 'Happy Birthday' to him!

Let's just say it gave us great satisfaction to sit back on our couch, stuff our face with popcorn, and relish in the fact that Spears just shoved her vocal abilities into the face of all of those haters worldwide. Because guess what, ya'll? Our girl Britney can sing.

Dressed in a white dress, carrying a birthday cake, and accompanied by fiance Jason Trawick (who also sang along), Spears sang a throaty and very Britney Spears-esque a cappella version of 'Happy Birthday,' much to the delight of the birthday boy, who was smiling from ear to ear. "You're the sweetest in the world. Oh my goodness, thank you!" said a clearly happy Reid.

Staff and fellow judges Demi Lovato and Louis Walsh (who was filling in for a sick Simon) applauded afterwards, and Reid made the rounds to give everyone hugs. "Just so y'all know, Jason is coming out with a solo record soon. He’s been asking me to do a duet…." tweeted Spears about the event. "FYI that was a joke."

Ugh, we love her so much.