Sometimes a situation just calls for you to belt out a happy tune. And such was the case recently, just three hours west of Utica across the Canadian border in Niagara Falls, in a story and video that's gone viral.

A man burst out into song while he was removing the COVID-19 directional stickers from the floor of a store. It was his special form of protest against social distancing policies. While standing up for his rights, he decided to sing a version of "If I Had a Hammer," the 1949 Pete Seeger folk song that became a top 10 hit for Peter, Paul & Mary in 1962.

He used a paint scraper to conduct his criminal mischief while belting out parody lyrics in the store. Here's the full video, from the #SCRAPEFORTRUTH YouTube page:

The man, who called the stickers "symbols of fear," has been identified as Sandor Ligetfalvy. He was forcibly removed from the Niagara Falls Shoppers Drug Mart, which is a retail chain of drug stores with about 1,300 locations across Canada.

A full report is available in the Niagara Falls Review. Ligetfalvy told the newspaper:

I’m tired of having to go to a store — which used to be a type of therapy — and now it’s a type of trauma.

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