Don't know what to do with yourself - or your kids - while you're "social distancing?" A group of central New York artists are using the wonders of the Internet to keep members of our community connected to art, and to each other, during this stressful time.

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BB Designs in New Hartford will be hosting free weekly art sessions through Facebook Live. The artists will post supply lists at least two days in advance and try to use common household items that you probably already have lying around. Now all there's left to do is tune in and create!

The first session will go live on the studio's Facebook page Thursday, March 19 at 1 p.m. EST., with a craft suitable for ages 6 and up. While the session may start off weekly, if there's enough traction from the community, the sessions will become more frequent.

Stay up to date with BB Designs and their live art sessions on their Facebook page.

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