In the City of Rome New York, a potential scam is taking place of two men going door to door offering to provide work on your driveway, then taking the money without providing the work.

Sharon Ackerman posted the alleged scam to the "People Places and Opinions of Rome NY" Facebook group:

Warning: If anyone happens to see this truck and the 2 men inside steer clear! They are scammers! One of my neighbors unfortunately was taken for quite a few thousands of dollars.

According to the post, these men are going door to door ripping people off claiming to do work on your driveway. Also according to the post, the Rome Police Department have been notified and are looking into it. We will keep you updated if anything changes. You can see more photos posted to the groups page.

We can't confirm the scam is going on, and are reaching out to the Rome Police Department for more info.

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Internet Helps Find Two Stolen Snowmobiles In Rome

Justin Matthews of the Rome area turned to the internet to help a friend find their stolen snowmobiles and the internet didn't disappoint.

Matthews turned to Facebook, specifically the "Tug Hill Snowmobiling, N.Y." group page.  Both snowmobiles have been recovered at a residence in Rome. Matthews reported that the party responsible for the theft would soon be in custody.

Through this post, which was shared over 340 times, justice was served. The internet can be pretty cool sometimes when it's used for good.

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