Now that April the Giraffe has given birth, you need another animal to focus your attention on all day! Moose River Farm, located in Old Forge, has the perfect thing: Bluff the Llama is a mama and you can watch her give birth!

Bluff is due to have her cria, aka baby llama, in between now and the end of April, according to Anne Phinney. Her and her husband are the owners of Moose River, and have decided to document Bluff's birth journey for others to view using a web cam!

According to the website, Bluff is not new to the birthing process and has delivered 3 babies in the past. She has been moved into a heated garage so she can be watched at all times. Anne and her husband are on the premises at all times and constantly check on her.

The live cam is in the garage, and sometimes you may see she's not in the frame. She's outside getting a little bit of spring time air hanging out with her llama friends.

You can watch the Mama Llama cam here!

Moose River Farm also does llama treks! For $25 a person, you can go on a hike with a llama for approximately 45 minutes, get a barn tour and visit all the other animals on the farm! You can get more information about that here!

I feel like now is a good time for a llama joke. What happens when you stand in between two llamas?

YOU GET LLAMINATED! *dun dun chhh*

Credit: Moose River Farm
Credit: Moose River Farm

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