The price of everything continues to rise as our paychecks remain the same.  From grocery store items to health insurance.  The biggest strain on most pocketbooks is prices at the pump.  Gas is higher in the Utica/Rome area than anywhere else in New York State.  Here's a list of ways to save money and gas to ease the burden.

Ways To Save Gas And Money from

1. Brake correctly. Cars use the most gas when they accelerate. It's fairly easy to maintain a speed in a long line of cars without using your brakes.  In heavy traffic, this will result in 10-20% better gas mileage.

2. Use cruise control. You'll save gas if you turn it on. It keeps your speed constant, which means you won't have to keep accelerating and use more gas.

3. Shift to neutral when still. When idling, shift into neutral. This gives the transmission some time to cool down.

4. Drop extra weight. The heavier the car, the more gas it takes to move it. Remove heavy items that've been collecting dust in your trunk.

5. Turn off the AC. Running the air conditioner impacts your car's overall fuel efficiency. So if you can bear it, try not to turn it on.

6. Carpool. The amount of gas used per person is halved each time you carpool.

7. Check your air filter. At any given time, almost 25% of cars need to replace their air filter. Doing so can improve gas mileage by 10%.

8. Drive slower. You use less gas when you drive slower. In fact, for every five miles per hour you reduce highway speed, you reduce fuel consumption by 7%.

Ever little bit helps with prices at $4.15 gallon and rising.  What have you done to save money?