Latin superstar Jennifer Lopez is releasing a new CD later this year. This will be her tenth studio album. So what can we expect?

The name of her new CD is still unknown but Jlo does exclaim!

"Anybody else excited about a new year starting!! I am!

JLo is reportedly going to be working with RedOne. He gives us some insight on what to expect,

"I'm the executive producer of [Jennifer's] album, and we already have songs that are just incredible. It's just amazing. It's mixed [styles]. It's everything about Jennifer Lopez. It's a very special album. It feels like this album, to us, has to have everything about her, not just one thing. You're going to have all the sides, kind of urban/hip-hop and the commercial, like the way she did with Ja Rule. It's everything you love about her [including] the dance, the rhythmic, the Latin."

Last year Jennifer packed the dance floors with "On The Floor". Will she reinvent herself this CD or will we get more of the same? Either way, we think fans will be pleased.