Residents of Westmoreland are trying to raise money to reopen their town's swimming pool, which hasn't been open since 2014.

The Westmoreland pool, on Kunz Road, has been closed since 2015. The pool is in dire need of repairs - expensive repairs. According to Ron Klopfanstein, Westmoreland community advocate and founder of the #bemorewestmo campaign, a community group is trying to raise money for some of the last repairs to the pool. So far, the Westmoreland Summer Activities group has raised over $70,000 since resident Scott Tarkowski founded the organization, and he estimates that it is more than 2/3 complete.

Credit: Ron Klopfanstein
Credit: Ron Klopfanstein

According to Ron, "Scott anticipates it opening next summer on a regular basis. The current goal is to raise approximately $20,000 more to hopefully finish repairs some time this summer and get it up and running on a preview basis to show the community what it will be like."

The group is selling raffle tickets on Saturday, March 26 at the Circle K (formerly the Nice n' Easy) on the corner or Main Street and Route 233. Tickets are $5 each or 5 for $20. You can win a gas grill (donated by Claycomb Auto Sales Inc), a picnic table (donated by Gary Munn), or a $100 gift card donated by North Star Orchards.

The largest fund raiser will be the Westmo Pool Family Fun event on Saturday, June 2nd in the Westmoreland Town Park. The event features a chicken BBQ, a craft fair, and live music, plus lots of fun activities for the kids.

If you'd like to get more information, or help support the pool, check out their Facebook page at




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