Back in March, recreational marijuana was made legal in New York State. Although made legal, meaning individual towns cannot punish residents for possessing it, towns can make the decision to prohibit the sale.

The town of Cazenovia was the first to say publicly that they will not be allowing the sale of retail marijuana. The board unanimously voted 4-0 to ban retailers from selling marijuana at a monthly meeting on Monday, July 1. Soon after that, the town of Camillus decided the same thing, but ultimately will let the community have the final say.

Several other towns have made the decision to opt out of sales, according to, but are letting the community make the decision by vote.

The Village of Minoa and the Town of Geddes are all taking the same stance on the sale of marijuana. Regardless, the public makes the final decision.

The town of Geddes will be scheduling a public vote in November. According to, Town Supervisor Jerry Albrigo says the town did its own research and believes it can legally require a vote. The town plans to put it on the November 2 ballot.

In Minoa, the board also plans to opt out and then schedule a public vote for next March. The hearing and vote to opt out hasn’t been scheduled yet.

Regardless, You Can Still Smoke and Possess Marijuana

The only difference in these communities is that you won't be allowed to purchase it. The law allows allows for the possession of up to three ounces of marijuana and up to 24 grams of cannabis concentrate.

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