The late comedian George Carlin was known for many things, including his dark social commentary and political incorrectness.    He'll always be famous for "The Seven Dirty Words" which couldn't be said on TV.  So what does Carlin, not known for being warm and fuzzy, have in common with the beloved Thomas The Tank Engine?

Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Thomas The Tank Engine books and videos are read and watched by kids all over the world.  Imagine my surprise to discover Carlin's connection  to Thomas.  He was the American narrator on "Thomas The Tank Engine And Friends" from 1991-1998.   I didn't realize it until I was watching a Thomas DVD with my kids and I saw his name flash on the screen.  Of course.  That's why his voice sounded so familiar. He's great voicing Gordon, the big fast engine on the show with a major superiority complex.


I read that he took on the Thomas role because it showed a different side of him.  If you're familiar with any of Carlin's work, that's an understatement.  When he performed at the Stanley Center For The Arts In Utica back in the 90s, I went to the show.  He was exactly as I expected he would be.  Politically incorrect and not afraid to poke fun at any subject or person.

He left the Thomas series in 1998 to pursue other endeavors and even though he's no longer with us to make fun of life's silliness, he still lives on through Thomas and the world of Sodor Island.  Peep Peep George!