Every once in a while, on a stroll down the grocery aisle, you see something that makes you say 'huh?' We spied these "Dude Wipes" in New Hartford, and have to ask: why?

"Dude Wipes" are a flushable wipe just for dudes. They're flushable, so it's safe to assume they're designed for work 'south of the border', so to speak. But why? (No pun intended.)

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Maybe it's helpful to look at the (totally made up but partially based in fact) history of the wet (or is it moist) wipe. They got their start as those folded little wipes that came in packages wherever BBQ was sold. Always slightly too small to get the job done, it was still easier to use the Wet Wipe than it was to successfully lick all the sauce of your fingers. And probably better manners, too.

Then, there are Baby Wipes. Honestly, we're not even sure how parents coped before the advent of the handy dandy Baby Wipe. Not only can you use them to clean baby butt, they're handy for baby hands, baby faces, and almost any surface near a baby.

Of course - it's a roughly this point in our fabricated wipe history timeline that everyone had to get in on the wipes phenomenon. There are wipes for the interior of the car, wipes for your eyeglasses, wipes for your dog, and as we all know too well, the Clorox wipe - super handy for whatever pandemic comes your way.

And then there are the adult flushable wipes - because grown-ups didn't want babies to be the only ones with delicately wiped, shiny clean hineys. And that, my friends, is how we got unisex flushable wipes.

And now, Dude Wipes. Admittedly, there are 'Feminine' wipes - but women have more going on down south. Guys...not so much. It's all...out there.

Please, explain why a guy needs a 'Dude Wipe'.


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