Naomi Lynn spent her weekend in Old Forge, checking out Enchanted Forest Water Safari for the first time. Her trip also included a stop to Calypso's Cove and a stay at Old Forge Camping Resort.

I loved my adventures at Enchanted Forest Water Safari - I had a blast playing on all the water slides, walking through Storybook Lane, and enjoying all the tasty treats inside of the park. You can actually check out those adventures (and a ridiculous video of my first time on "Killermanjaro") by clicking the link below:

There was a lot more to the weekend than just playing on water slides, though. After our adventures in the park, we decided to get all dried off and check into our cabin at Old Forge Camping Resort. The place was huge! There were cottages you could rent, places for tent camping and RV camping, multiple playgrounds, a lake for swimming, and so much more.

We arrived and checked in at the Main Lodge, which also had a store inside with souvenirs, last minute camping supplies, and tons of treats. Luckily for us, we had a "Splash Card" which is like a gift card, but it's good at multiple places like inside Water Safari, at the Main Lodge, Water's Edge Inn, and Calypso's Cove. With our Splash Card, we decided to get marshmallows and wood so we could end our night with a nice fire.

Naomi Lynn/TSM

The cabin we stayed in was amazing. It was just this little building with a bed on one side and a bunk bed on the other side. There were two tables inside - nothing major, but perfect for a few people staying overnight. My favorite part was the swing on the front porch of the cabin - I spent most of my night (after Calypso's Cove) just rocking away.

We had a quick bite to eat at our campsite, and then decided to head over to Calypso's Cove. The place was bigger than I expected. It had go-karts, a rock wall, mini golf, a giant arcade, and even a zipline. We spent a little while playing on the go-karts and testing our climbing ability on the rock wall (which was embarrassing. We weren't good at it, at all).

Naomi Lynn/TSM

After we played around at Calypso's Cove for a little while, we decided to head back to the campsite, have dinner and relax by the fire (and the swing on the front porch).

It was a very relaxing, perfect way to end the day at Enchanted Forest Water Safari. If you're planning a visit, I suggest you rent a cabin or cottage (or camping site) - That way you can play all day at the park, and don't have to worry about driving home. You can take your time, and let your body relax before hitting the road the next day. Plus, it's like you get two vacations in one - A water park and camping!

You can see more pictures from Calypso's Cove and Old Forge Camping Resort below: