How many trick-or-treaters came to your door last night? Could you count them on one hand? Did someone break Halloween?

There's a bowl full of leftover Halloween candy sitting on our table, because we only got 4 kids at the door last night. I'd like to say this is a fluke, because we live in a small cul-de-sac but it's been the same for years. Porch light on, candy at the ready, and Halloween disappointment.

It's not just me: friends across social media, and across Central New York are lamenting the lack of kids coming to the door for candy. Where have all the trick-or-treaters gone?

Is it possible that in the last 20 years living in Central New York, I've always picked the wrong street for optimal trick-or-treating? Is it the lack of Halloween specific decorations? I get good candy, hoping the kids will tell their costumed friends. Heck, even neighbors who offered the Halloween Holy Grail: FULL SIZE CANDY BARS are stuck with dozens left over after only a few kids stopped by.

When we were kids, (after we walked uphill to school, both ways), we LOVED Halloween. FREE CANDY - and all you needed to do was ask. We trick-or-treated until our bags were too heavy to carry, and we were too tired to continue - and even as we went home, we thought about all the candy we probably missed.

Maybe it's that kids today get treats more often than we ever did, so Halloween has lost its magic. Maybe its because the world isn't as safe as it once was - and parents have to worry about what exactly ends up in their child's bag. Or maybe it's just because the CNY weather stinks. Why do you think there are less trick or treaters? Or did you get a ton of kids to your house?

Either way, I've got enough Halloween candy left over for all of us. Want some?


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