You know how it goes. Your sled has been sitting idle since last winter and it's time to get it all tuned up for action. You open the hood and find this.

There are more questions than answers...

Is this normal for Central New York? What IS all that stuff? Leaves and twigs? But what else could be in there? Nuts and other snacks? Is there animal spit and excrement?

What animal are we even talking about here? Squirrel? Chipmunk? A bird of some sort? Is it definitely a mammal? Could it be a snake?

And, depending on the type of animal that made a home in Mike's snowmobile, was there a whole family in there? Could there still be eggs, maybe? Or babies, for God's sake???

Maybe it was something rare?

What was IN there? And does Mike have to be careful about demolishing and removing the material?

Mike needs to know the facts. He's a lawyer. He might sue.

Can you help solve the mystery of the critter that's been residing in Mike's snowmobile?


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