There is a lot of buzz surrounding the upcoming Studio 54 Disco Party at MWPAI Friday, August 9 but how many people actually know or remember what Studio 54 was? To those too young to remember Studio 54 was a celebrated New York City dance club or disco that opened in April, 1977 and was famous for its celebrity studded clientele and uninhibited ambiance.

The club was the idea of two New York businessmen, Steve Rubel and Ian Schrager, and enjoyed a nine year run amidst several ownership changes before closing permanently in 1986. During its run Studio 54 was the site of innumerable outrageous moments.

Event planner Robert Isabell had four tons of glitter dumped in a four-inch layer on the floor of Studio 54 for a New Year's Eve party, which owner Ian Schrager described as like "standing on stardust" and left glitter that could be found months later in their clothing and homes.

via Studio 54 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The Studio 54 Disco Party promises to be a great night of art, fun and dancing. Just in case you are a little too young to remember the era you might remember the movie "Studio 54" with Mike Myers back in 1998.

I doubt the party at MWPAI will be this wild but it will be a lot of fun!



Studio 54 at MWP

Everyone is a VIP at Studio 54 at MWP. Get your 15 minutes of fame at MWP when Studio 54 is brought back to life Friday, August 9 from 7-11 pm. Walk through the exhibit "Andy Warhol: From A to B and Back Again", enjoy Food, drinks, DJ, photobooth, Disco and more.

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