Some girls have a million pairs of shoes  while others have a few faithful ones. Whether you are a shoe fanatic and have a different pair for every day and mood or you prefer your old sneakers and flip flops, you are giving off certain vibes to men.

On a first date, your shoes may give off a certain impression. Here's what men think according to Your Tango about you when they see your shoes:

  • Flat Shoes: Girls in flats are practical and like to be comfortable. Flip-flops make it seem like you don't really care about the opinions of others. Seems like everything will be easy going.
  • Ballet Shoes: These shoes are extremely feminine. They are chic and fun at the same time. Girls in ballet shoes are also practical but a little more girly.
  • High Heels: High heels make you look sexy and confident. Guys love this, not to mention their love for long legs!
  • Colors and Patterns: Girls in colored or patterned shoes like to have a good time and maybe even get a little wild. These girls are unique, extroverted, and not afraid to try something new.
  • Black Shoes: Black shoes make you appear down-to-earth and a little quiet. Girls who wear black shoes may be a little more conservative.
  • Knee-High Boots: Girls who wear knee-high boots are daring and want to be noticed.
  • Sneakers: Sneaker girls are athletic and love to be outdoors. They are down-to-earth and care about their comfort not about what other people think.

What kind of shoes to you wear?