The debate is on! What's worse - dealing with cold temperatures or dealing with piles of snow?

Person Walking Across a Snowy Street
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Winter is here! It's time to start that great debate about winter weather. What do you think is worse - dealing with the cold temperatures or dealing with snow?

Sure, there's good and bad sides to each, but which one is worse? With the cold weather, you have to deal with shaking because you're so cold. You have to deal with cold cars that makes it difficult to even want to go out for anything. You have to deal with cold bathrooms, cold floors - just plain coldness. And though it's not a horrific situation, being cold is still pretty rough.

But is being cold as bad as dealing with snow? You have to shovel or snow-blow your driveway. You have to brush all that snow off your car before going anywhere - which means it takes longer to get ready and leave in the morning. If it snows a lot, you have to make sure that snow doesn't pile up on roofs or anywhere that it could cause something to collapse. You also have to deal with snow being tracked in the house, making a mess, and leaving little puddles everywhere.

So which one is worse??
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