Election Day 2017 has come and gone in Central New York and, as usual, the results are mixed. Beth exercised her rights as a citizen and cast votes; I chose not to.

We had a brief discussion about voting in our house. Beth tried to encourage me to get out and vote. I politely declined, explaining I knew nothing about the challengers in our district.

Beth's response was maybe I could just vote my party line, which is Independent. I countered: Voting that way would be shallow and irresponsible. What if I disagreed with an Independent candidate on a policy? Just vote anyway?

This is not a commentary on whether I SHOULD know all about the candidates and their platforms. Clearly, it would be better if I did. But, what if I do not?....

So, which is worse: voting irresponsibly or not at all? I feel if I have zero information on a candidate and his or her opponent OR if I cast a vote merely because someone happens to represent my party of registration, those choices would be worse than abstaining.

Please feel free to weigh in.


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