Getting flowers is great.  One of my co-workers just received a huge bouquet of red roses, which made her day.  Do you know what your guy is trying to say if he gives you flowers other than roses?  

Flower choices say alot about the state of your relationship.  Perhaps you'll be getting flowers this week to celebrate National Flower Week.  Read on to find out what those flowers mean!

Daisies:  These fun and pretty flowers don't mean anything serious.  They're good to give in the beginning of a relationship when you haven't had fights or issues so far.

Carnations:  They happen to be one of the most inexpensive flowers to buy but also come in a great range of colors.  So, if he knows you love purple and gets you purple carnations, that's cool.  If he buys them because they're cheap, that's not so cool.

Tulips:  Buying these in many colors means your guy has put lots of thought into this gift.  They're more unique than roses and are perfect to mark a special occasion.

Peonies:  They're pristine, classy and are known as the flower of riches and honor, so only good things can come from your relationship if you're given these flowers.  He thinks you're classy.

Red Roses:  You are special and so is your relationship.

What's your favorite flower to get?