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Today is the day! The state's largest water theme park will be opening their gates for the season. Here's what you need to know if you plan on visiting this year:

  • Reservations are NOT required to visit Enchanted Forest Water Safari.
  • Fully vaccinated guests do not need to wear a mask while at the park.  Proof of vaccination record is not required to enter the park. Those who are not vaccinated are required to wear an acceptable face covering while at the park, including children. Exceptions include:
    • Children ages 2 years and younger are not required to wear a mask
    • Those who cannot medically tolerate the wearing of a face covering are exempt
    • Anyone who is temporarily eating or drinking while seated in a designated & socially distanced area can remove their mask OR A mask is not required when seated with your traveling party at least 6 feet away from other groups.
  • Face masks are not permitted on water rides or in pools, in complying with water safety best practices.  Masks may be removed while transitioning to and from a water attraction, while waiting in socially distanced queue lines, while seated socially distanced or in your private cabana rental.

Enchanted Forest Water Safari got the green light from New York State to open for the 2021 season. Are you curious when exactly you'll be able to start the fun?

The state's largest water theme park will be opening their gates for the season on June 18, 2021.

Governor Cuomo said back in February that amusement parks were allowed to reopen on Friday, April 9 up to 33 percent capacity with tickets sold in advance. Enchanted Forest Water Safari is currently working on putting their plan in place for reopening this summer.

We called to check in with EFWS to see if there was any rules in place regarding their reopening and spoke with Kelly, who said we called her at just the right time. She was just going through what guidance was sent over from the state.

The guidance is not very clear, so we're reading through it and highlighting it now - working on putting together and developing a plan for reopening. Stay tuned to our Facebook page, everything will be announced there.

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In a previous statement, Water Safari said they're committed to three things:

  • Continuing to provide exceptional service and safety for our guests
  • Ensuring the safety of our team members
  • Supporting local & community efforts to limit the spread and impact of COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic impacted the Old Forge based water theme park dramatically, causing them to stay closed for the entirety of their summer season in 2020. What really made it unfortunate was that 2020 was supposed to be the debut of the three new water rides at the park: Serengeti Stampede, KIllermanjaro's Revenge, and Mamba Strike.

As EFWS announces updates, we'll continue to keep you informed, but who else is excited for opening day? We know we are ready for some fun.

Here's a peek at their new rides during construction:

Photo Credit - Water Safari

Take a peek at the three new rides at Water Safari

Serengeti Stampede - This ride is a new 293 ft. long four-lane mat racer. Riders go through an enclosed tunnel before blasting out on open lanes. Riders on Serengeti Stampede must be a minimum of 42 inches tall.

Photo Credit - Water Safari
Credit: Water Safari FB page

Mamba Strike - A 285 ft. enclosed body slide that loops around Serengeti Stampede ride after the trapdoor floor opens and launches riders onto the slide. Mamba Strike requirements are minimum 48-inch height with a maximum 300 lb weight limit.

Photo Credit - Water Safari
Credit: Water Safari FB page

KIllermanjaro's Revenge - Killermanjaro’s Revenge is a 207 ft. long speed slide that drops guests through the floor of the "launchpad" into the slide and zooms them to the finish in one long drop. Minimum 48-inch height requirement with a maximum 300lb weight limit.

Photo Credit - Water Safari
Credit: Water Safari FB page

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