We all have our stories of Christmas memories, whether they're good or bad. Naomi Lynn shares her ridiculous story of being mad at Santa Claus...

I don't know how young I was, maybe five or six, but I remember waking up angry-beyond-believe on Christmas Day. Now, this isn't a story about me not getting a present I wanted, or the wrong color sweatshirt, or anything like that, Santa made me mad for a different reason.

It started a few weeks before Christmas that year. My mother asked me if I would like to write a letter to Santa, let him know how I've been doing, and let him know what I would like for Christmas.

Of course, being that young age, I was excited, and wanted to take my time and write a very personal letter to St. Nick. Which I did. I can't tell you to this day what was in the letter, what I asked for, or anything like that. There is only one piece of the letter I remember...

I asked Santa Claus if he would wake me up on Christmas Day. I wanted to meet the Jolly fellow for myself and speak to him personally. I promised I wouldn't mess with the presents, and I would go back to sleep. I included that I wouldn't even tell anyone that we met, I just wanted to experience that magic. That was the biggest request I had on my Christmas list.

Santa Claus never wrote back, but I wasn't worried about it. I knew he received my letter. So when Christmas Day arrived and I woke up on my own in the morning, I was a little confused, and a little bummed out. After a quick peek downstairs, I noticed all the presents and realized Santa didn't honor my request.

I was SO bummed out. I promised I wouldn't have told anyone and I promised I wouldn't touch any of the presents, why couldn't he wake me up? Why was that such a big request?

What a reason to be mad, am I right?! But we all do silly things as kids.

Luckily, my anger was quickly extinguished after opening a few presents and seeing how thoughtful Santa was with all the goodies I received. I tried to reason that maybe Santa was just too busy and didn't have time to chat, it was Christmas Eve after all, his busiest day of the year. Maybe he just forgot? He may be Santa Claus, but we all make mistakes, right?! Either way, I got over it pretty quickly. I mean, what kid can stay mad at Santa?

We all have our favorite or unique Christmas memories. A lot of them are great stories of gifts that were given, the looks on family members' faces when they open that perfect present, or even funny situations like the cat or dog knocking over the Christmas tree. I shared my goofy Christmas story with you, now I would love to hear yours! You can tell us your favorite memories of the holidays - Leave us a message or comment on our Lite 98.7 Facebook, or you can always email them to: Naomi@Lite987.com

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us here at Lite 98.7.




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