Do you have something that you don't use, but you can't throw away because it cost so much?

In my basement right now, is an approximately 100 pound flat screen TV. It's been there, in it's box, since we moved 5 years ago. It's taking up space - but I can't get rid of it - because it cost a fortune.

If I'm being honest, that's not the only thing I have like that - there are clothes, handbags, virtually every generation of iPod (original, nano, Touch), e-readers, fancy dishes, and who knows what else. BUT THEY WERE EXPENSIVE!

I come by it honestly - sitting on my kitchen counter at this very moment are two Colonial-style lamps that my mom has charged me with "selling" for something close to what she paid for them...10-15 years ago. I've been trying to explain that NO ONE decorates in a Colonial motif anymore, but she is unmoved. (Anyone need a lamp or two?)

On top of the financial investment in all this stuff, it seems environmentally irresponsible to just chuck a perfectly functional item just because it's old. I mean - it still works, right? What would my Depression-era grandparents say?


Does anyone want a really heavy TV? I've got one. 

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