In A Quiet Place, the recent hit movie filmed in Little Falls, the Abbott family has to learn special skills to survive in a world overrun by vicious aliens with extra-sensory hearing ability. It's sort of like an extreme library experience: Be quiet or be dead.

So, the family adapts. Sign language replaces the spoken word. John Krasinki's character sets up a simple method of fishing with baskets and crates in a stream, Emily Blunt's character knits a soundless mobile out of soft fabric for her baby that's on the way. It brought up a great question: What survival skills would YOU offer in an apocalypse? Central New York responded on Facebook:

-Heidi Kate: "Climbing trees and hiding."

-Carol Cristaldi: "I can campfire, fish, hunt."

-Elaine Baldwin: "Last year I bought and took classes on how to shoot a compound bow."

-Tonya Alexander: "I can can food, hunt, dress out a deer, set a trap, plant and grow a garden."

-Krista Carpenter-Penz: "According to my grown children I am really good at telling people what to do."

-Lisa Simons: "My skill is being a human sacrifice so my friends and family can get away, lol."

-Gena White: "I can forage, speak 8 languages, make cheese, wine, candles...a few things more."

-Kirk Evans: "My skill is having on hand what I need prior to an apocalypse so I don't have to scramble."

MY skill would be locating where Kirk lives and heading over to his place. What about YOU? What are your apocalypse skills?


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