If you're going to use Pi to solve a math problem, it might as well be one that actually involves Pie. Pizza pie, to be precise.

National Pi Day is the appropriate time to examine an important question that can only be solved using pi - namely: which has more pizza, one 18" pie or 2 - 12" pies. Off the top of your head - the answer seems obvious - of course two 12" pies would have more pizza.

Prepare to have your mind blown: it's the 18" pie. And not just by a little - the 18" pie has almost 28" square inches MORE.

So for all of you who thought math would never come in handy - much less that little symbol with the squiggly top - consider yourself schooled.

Of course, someone on Twitter had to take things a little further and calculate the relative crust (aka diameter) of each pie - and this one makes more sense. Two pies have more crust than one.

Maybe you should apologize to your math teacher - because you just got more pizza.

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