Stress is a killer. It can present itself in many ways. If your CITY is causing you stress, it might be time to move.

WalletHub has released the results of its study of 2018's Most & Least Stressed Cities. The good news: Utica, Rome, Syracuse and other Central New York markets are NOT on the list. The bad news: some neighboring cities ARE in the upper third. In the overall rankings, Buffalo is the 48th most stressed, New York is #47, and Rochester ranks 32nd. And some of the sub-metrics are REALLY bad.

Rochester ranks 16th in "Family Stress," which means it doesn't grade out very well in divorce rates and social ties.

Buffalo ranks 15th in "Health and Safety Stress," which takes into account such factors as obesity, suicide rates, binge drinking, smoking and depression.

New York City's worst aspect is a rank of 8th in the "Work Stress" metric, which includes traffic congestion, commute times, average weekly work hours and job security.

Out of 182 cities measured, Detroit's population is the most stressed overall and Newark, New Jersey is #2, while Fremont, California (a tony suburb in the San Francisco Bay Area) has the most blissful existence.


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