When it comes to the placement of the bedspread we have in our bedroom, there are just two choices--vertical or horizontal stripes, or columns or rows, as our friend Ariana pointed out.

I posted side-by-side pictures (above) of the two ways of placing the spread on our bed and asked Facebook Friends to comment on which was either correct and/or most aesthetically pleasing. Beth and I each have a clear preference, and people have been clocking in with their votes. The battle is still raging.

For posterity, a majority picked the shot on the left (horizontal stripes or rows), but the voting is very close. And it seems more men chose the vertical stripe option.

It's interesting WHY you'd choose to vote a specific way, so here are the interesting comments...

Michele said as you stand at the foot of the bed, the label on the spread should be "in the lower right-hand corner."

Corri said she "wouldn't be able to sleep if my stripes were horizontal," and added that they must "go the same direction of my body."

Gina said, according to her designer brain, the horizontal stripes "make the bed feel wider and more inviting."

Lauren said the rule of comforters is "rounded corners at the bottom of the bed, pointed corners at the top." Just one problem, Lauren: this bedspread has FOUR pointed corners.

Monica admitted she went back and forth and, after looking at it numerous times...chose horizontal.

Todd suggested getting a new one where "the pattern looks the same either way."

Mike told me to "go wash the car and let her decide."

Aside from the voting, I was criticized for jeopardizing my "man card" by posing this question. Sorry, these are the stupid things my brain stumbles upon and obsesses over.

Furthermore, I learned that the bedding pictured is a coverlet or bedspread, and not a comforter, which would be thicker and warmer. As for my man card...uh, those aren't pillows...and how 'bout that Bears' game?

Oh, the answer, according to Beth is horizontal (the picture on the left), because that's the way it was depicted on the package's picture.

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