'White House Down' may look a little familiar -- it is the second "'Die Hard' in the White House" movie of 2013 -- but it's also the bigger budget summer blockbuster version. Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx star in this Roland Emmerich summer extravaganza, and they waited until just after 'Olympus has Fallen' was released to debut their trailer.

'White House Down' joins in a popular Hollywood tradition, which is that of a year with projects with very similar premises. Whether it be volcanoes ('Dante's Peak' vs. 'Volcano'), trips to Mars ('Mission to Mars' vs. 'Red Planet Mars'), asteroids headed for Earth ('Deep Impact' vs. 'Armageddon') or sex-friends ('No Strings Attached' vs. 'Friends with Benefits'), often competing studios come up with a similar idea and try to make the better movie. This year it's 'White House Down' versus 'Olympus Has Fallen.'

And, as is often the case, the first is usually the cheaper version (often because it's rushed into the theater). Going by the trailer, 'White House Down' is a much larger movie than 'Olympus,' and it obviously has bigger name stars. This first trailer focuses on showing that scale -- other than some computer hacking, it doesn't tell us much about the narrative other than that Tatum must protect the President (Foxx). 'White House Down' opens June 28. Here's that trailer: