The Village of Whitesboro has announced a recent change to traffic that deals with Westmoreland Road.

In Whitesboro, there has been a recent change to traffic flows on Powell Avenue and Foster Street where they meet Westmoreland Street.

"Now, only right hand turns are permitted when entering Westmoreland Street from these side streets."

Why the change? The police department mentioned that this was done in the interest of "having a safe and efficient flow of traffic in this highly traffic-congested area."

The Whitesboro Police Department reminds motorists that disobeying a traffic control device is a violation of the NYS Vehicle and Traffic Law and enforcement action may be taken.

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Whitesboro Also Warns Of Police Scams

Phone scams are nothing new to Central New York, but there is a new scam going around and it has already cost several residents tens of thousands of dollars.

Here's how it works- Scammers are calling Central New York residents posing as attorneys or police to report that a family member or loved one is in custody/jail and then asking the victim to retrieve large sums of cash to bail them out.

The scammers or their couriers are then *physically showing up to the victim's home to collect the payment in person*. If someone shows up at your home to “collect” contact 911 or (315) 736-1944 immediately.

For most, this is an obvious scam. But now would be a great time to reach out to elderly or vulnerable family members and friends and let them know if they receive such a phone call to simply hang up the phone.

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