Five of our favorite male artists are going head to head at the 2014 MTV VMAs in the category of Best Male Video. Pharrell, Ed Sheeran, John Legend, Sam Smith and Eminem are all battling it out -- but whose music vid is most worthy of the moonman? Cast your vote below!

There's no doubt about it: Pharrell's 'Happy' music video just makes you, well, happy. From his own upbeat dancing to the grooving of people everywhere in the vid, you just can't help but sing (and bop!) along to the bubbly tune. It's infectious!

Watch Pharrell's 'Happy' Video

There's no denying that Ed Sheeran's 'Sing' music vid is pretty freaking hilarious. After all, what's not to love about a naughty Muppet version of the redheaded singer going all out at the club? 'Sing' is an undeniably fun tune, and we love how the video reflects just how not seriously Ed takes himself.

Watch Ed Sheeran's 'Sing' Video

The fact that John Legend's 'All of Me' music video was shot in black and white is just a testament about how classic and timeless his ode to true love is. The video is a little steamy, a little sexy, but all romance -- and we can't stop swooning.

Watch John Legend's 'All of Me' Video

Sam Smith stole our hearts with his emotional single, 'Stay With Me,' and we love the simple premise behind the moving video. 'Stay With Me' is an achingly beautiful track, and, just like the song, the video doesn't need any added bells and whistles to make it shine -- the tune's meaning stands out on its own.

Watch Sam Smith's 'Stay With Me' Video

Eminem plays off the whole "mental patient" theme in his video for his Rihanna-featured hit 'The Monster'. The video is a little gritty, a little creepy, but entirely Eminem, who has made a name for himself over the past decade with his memorable music videos -- so it comes as no surprise that 'The Monster' is up for Best Male Video!

Watch Eminem's NSFW 'The Monster' Video

Which artist is most deserving for the MTV VMA for Best Male Video? Cast your vote in the poll below!

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