If you have ever spent any given amount of time laughing at the show Whose Line Is It Anyway, there's some really good news for you. The improvisation comedy show you know and love is heading out on tour this fall and they're stopping right here in Central New York.

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I remember whenever I slept over at a friend's house growing up, we would stay up late to watch the show. When I was a freshman in college, I was obsessed with watching reruns whenever they came on the Comedy Channel, reminiscing my childhood and understanding the adult humor a little bit more. The dynamic all of the comedians on the show was hysterical, and the fact that it was all improv was incredible to me. I have always wished I could be as funny.

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If you're looking to see that humor up close and personal, the Who's Live Anyway tour will be stopping in Syracuse this upcoming October. Ryan Stiles, Greg Proops, Jeff B. Davis and Joel Murray will be taking over The Oncenter on Thursday, October 27.

I'm not gonna lie...I understand my other favorite cast member (Drew Carey, Wayne Brady, Colin Mochrie) likely don't want to participate, have other commitments, or whatever else - but I'm still a bit bummed. Regardless, I'm pretty confident that you'll still get a laugh just like you did when you tuned into the show when it was on regularly.

Tickets start at $45 and are on sale now on Ticketmaster.

Are you going to go? Nothing screams "let's kick off the weekend early" like a little bit of laughter. Send us the link to your favorite WLIIA segment now inside our app.

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