For some odd reason all morning long I keep thinking its Thursday. I thought I was late for a staff meeting, thought I didn't deliver the workplace delivery today, it all must be because we had Monday off and this week and it's a short work week. How many other people are like me this week?

Every Thursday we have our weekly staff meeting. Naturally I'm always running 5 minutes behind. This morning I was determined to be on time for this meeting. I set my alarm early, jumped in the shower fast, and sped to work. When I walked into Eric's office, he kindly informed me that it isn't Thursday. So that was my first big mistake of the day.

The next big mistake was I was almost positive I had to make a workplace delivery today for the Workplace Of The Week. We usually deliver the Edible Arrangement on Thursday. Lucky for me Eric is such a great boss and kindly once again reminded me it was Wednesday.

Have you been confused on the day of the week this week yet?