Why do women date jerks? I’ve asked this question so many times like many others. Why not settle for a nice guy who can take care of you? Well we may have the answer why you like bad guys.

In the past I’ve been told by girlfriends that “I was too nice” in relationships. I thought what a crazy thing to say right? Who gets angry with someone being nice? Well certain women like dating men that are jerks. Why’s that?

Maxim and Marie Claire polled a group of women about dating jerks. Here's what they found:

  • 13 percent of women admit they date guys who are jerks because they think they can change them. Why look for a project?
  • 36 percent say they go out with them because being with a jerk makes the sweet moments even sweeter.
  • 77 percent said it bothers them when their guy checks out other women, but the rest aren't bothered because they know men "can't help it."
  • 51 percent of women would break up with their man immediately if he cheated.
  • 42 percent would first find out why the affair happened and then consider "putting him on probation."
  • 5 percent would go out and have an affair of their own.

Why do you think women date jerks?