M. Night Shyamalan made a movie called Signs.

One comedian, Bill Engvall, used signs as the cornerstone of his stand-up act. Another, Nery Saenz, actually posts signs around town in L.A.

The song "Signs" became a big hit for the Five-Man Electrical Band in the 70s and again for Tesla in 2002.

Then there are the signs that leave us all scratching our heads. Like the one on the side of the building at Bass Pro Shops in North Utica. The neon's been busted in two of the letters for, like, a year. Or more.

There are a few potential explanations...

A. No one's told management at the store, so they have no idea. Unlikely.

B. They DO know, but they can't afford to fix it. Also unlikely.

C. They're aware of it and they're leaving it that way on purpose. Like the famous Yonkers Raceway horse track just north of Manhattan. For years, the sign on the outside of the building was misspelled RACEWYA. On purpose.

Promoter Irving Rudd told painters to spell it that way in order to attract attention.

Could THAT be what's going on at the Bass Pro Shop in North Utica? Or is there a more mysterious explanation?


We'll rely on the X-Files-watching, Illuminati-obsessing, Freemason-following, JFK multiple shooter, alien-tracking conspiracy theory crowd to come up with something.


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